"Hello, this is your captain speaking. We are approaching Auschwitz." I heard as the train was coming to a halt. Since I am both dead too lazy to write the second episode, I will leave it to your new host, Adolf Hitler himself.

I AM ADOLFE HITLAR. PAST ZIZ HERE CAMP, LIEZ ZE VAGINA FOREST. I refuse to talk like that so fuck you. I got the jews off the train and we proceeded through Vagina Forest. We had to go through trees that were splooging all over the bloody place. "With the power of the Star Of David, you shall-" I cut the jew off, "Shaddup ya cunt". Some overweight Russian guy came up to me and yelled "CYKA BLYAT!" I smacked him with the Infinity Gauntlet. "Mother Russia, I don't feel so good" he said as he ded.

After a long 6 years of walking, we made it out of Vagina Forest. I saw the chaos that Jon Snow was talking about. A nuclear winter caused by God Emperor Trump blowing up North Korea, China, Afghanistan, Syria, and Iraq. "BEGONE THOT" I heard. God Emperor Trump threw a lightning bolt at me. I became a roasted chicken and was served along with the other jews at Arby's. I put myself back together and escaped. But the Arby's just wouldn't let me leave. I was inside an Arby's world. There is no outside, just Arby's. So I killed myself for the second time.

I woke up next to God Emperor Trump, Sir Joseph Stalin, Peasant Kim Jong Un, and Knight Bashar al-Assad. I was in the Universal Political Debate Room. I was the bitch of the table of course.

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