As it turns out, it was just a bad dream. A bad dream caused by him...yes, the one super powerful supernatural being and the one who is the legendary internet meme. AND HIS NAME IS JOHN CENA! Yes, John Cena gave my two brothers Johnny (main character in My Strange Story 1) and Hitler nightmares. His nightmares caused me two bros to kill themselves.

You see, I was in 2015, everything seemed normal until today. "Grandma! Make me a sandwich!" I yelled. "Make it yourself you lazy ass bitch!" She yelled back. "Drink your prune juice!" I replied. "I shall banish you back to the Titanic days muthe fucka! Mwahahahaha!" My grandma took off her costume. It was JOHN CENA! A portal opened up 1 millimeter away from my ass and fell in. I was in the titanic with Rick Astley, Goku, Snoop Dogg, and every other dick from the series. "Did he get you to my nigg?" Snoop Dogg asked. "Yeah, he did. He pretended to be a fucking grandma." I replied. I noticed some odd looking broken down hyperealistic TV. I walked up to it and got knocked out by a flying dildo that flew out of it. I then woke up 666 hours later. The titanic didnt hit the iceberg. Instead it flew into the air, did a Sonic Rainboom, and was aiming for the World Trade Center. The Titanic is doing 9/11. "Shit get in the TV!" I yelled. The TV became a portal and went inside it. I then did a shit ton of time traveling, and prevented Hitler and Johnny from suiciding. Now I have my two bros back alive and we can fight John Cena, The Illuminati, Mcjuggernuggets, Deez Nuts, and PINGAS.

The fuck her right in the pussy guy came over and gave us a pussy gun and Snoop Dogg crafted the weedsaber. Justin Beiber hijacked a Ferrari, I got a doge cannon, Hitler got NEIN NEIN NEIN, Johnny obtained the pussy gun. We then walked into the battlefield where John Cena was waiting. "I see you dumbasses showed up." He said

John Cena then rushEd me down and punched me in the balls, he almost killed me but knocked me out. I woke up inside a dildonic shaped airtight, claustrophobic room. I looked around the room and I heard an ear-bleeding "IT'S RAPING TIME!" I turned around and Hentai Woody was standing there. His wooden dong was expanded to expandong level. "Not if I can do anything about it". A voice said. I turned around again, Johnny Cage was standing right there. He then RKO'd Hentai Woody and ripped his dick off. I was escorted out of the room, the hallway's walls were decorated with pictures of spooky scary pictures of demons and hyperrealistic skulls with the words "go fuck yourself, kill yourself, let's rape, and other random shit." We escaped the room with Hentai Woody behind us. We met John Cena once again. We found him talking to Mcjuggernuggets, Shao Kahn, The Illuminati, and my...GRANDMA? My grandma was real after all! "GRANDMA GET OVER HERE!" I yelled. "Shut the fuck up sweetheart! I'm talking to my ex." Johnny Cage then rushed her down and beat her old ass senseless. Shrek then tried to rape John Cena. However, John Cena used supernatural powers to drain Shrek's raping powers and killed him. "" Shrek has died... "DAMN YOU JOHN CENA." I yelled. Snoop Dogg got the weedsaber, John Cena got the Cenasaber and put a Star Wars duel.

I pulled out a dragon dildo and got the Prune Juice Guy, Snoop Dogg, and Sphee to tag team on Cena. John Cena summoned a pentagram and a giant gay mammoth appeared. It shot porn at me through it's asshole on its head. Monkeys came out and tried to penetrate me with bannanas. Rhinos came out and tried to anally rape Snoop Dogg. This fucker is trying to make the whole zoo fuck us. The gay mammoth's tusks became cum cannons and began splooging on everyone. The floor beneath me became Pornhub with porn featuring corn.

Donkeh came out and began to try and rape John Cena. The Twin Towers came up underneath us as the Titanic appeared along with the iceberg. The iceberg turned into a cumberg and the Titanic became the legendary Tit-Tanic. God came out and banished all of us to Purgatory. John Cena was no where to be found. My nuts are still crushed to the point where i can't jack or make babies. Herbert The Pervert and Peter Griffin were standing there before me. They pulled out the Playstation 3 from My strange story 1. They told me to head to Vagina Forest where Hitler was before he killed himself in the second My strange story.

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